Discover our database testing tools through our test data generation tutorials

Data correlation, demographic control and much more...

The video tutorials on this page present the features and benefits of using GEDIS Studio database testing tools to produce your test data. Please note that the tutorials show the desktop version of GEDIS Studio database testing tools and therefore some GUI components may appear different from the current GEDIS Studio Online web application from our servers. The basic principles remain the same.

Hands on Demographic Control

DemographicControl1 Learn how simple it is to master demographic control with GEDIS Studio. With this tutorial you will quickly learn how to configure and to analyze the generated data distribution of values.

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Advanced Demographic Control

DemographicControl2 This tutorial presents another way to control the distribution of generated values. In this case study, the input data are extracted from a regular text file instead of being manually entered. This is one of the very common ways to implement data distribution with GEDIS Studio: use publicly available data or production data to produce realistic test data.

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Data Correlation and Cross-Dependency

Correlation1 This tutorial presents how to design generators where data correlation  is required and thus fields have correlated values. For example, if the gender is male, then the first name is randomly selected from the file containing masculine first names. Or, if the age of the person is over 21, than there is a 30 % chance that the person is married, while if the age under 21, there is no chance the person is married.

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Playing with Parameters

Parameters1 Parameter is one of the most impressive productivity features of GEDIS Studio database testing tools. With parameters you can design generic generators for which configuration values are set differently at production time. Playing with parameters enforces reusability of the generators and simplifies real-life projects where you have multiple users and usages for the same generator.

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Managing Non Regression Test Data

NonRegression1 With GEDIS Studio database testing tools there is no need to back up test data for non regression, as GEDIS Studio is able to reproduce the same data sample at any time from the same configurations. Besides, if you are concerned with non regression you will be happy to test your application with several different samples generated with the same test goals.

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Reusable Field Generator Using Import / Export

Reuse1 This tutorial presents how to build a set of reusable basic generator rules playing with the import / export of field's generators. This way, you can share part of your designed generator with your colleagues or between data generation projects.

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Generating from the Command Line

CommandLine1 This tutorial presents how to use the test data generator from script file and command line without relying on the GUI of GEDIS Studio. Doing so, you will be able to generate your test data on-demand at the very moment they are actually needed from your test scripts.

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