Text File Sequence Reader

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Text File Sequence Reader

This generation rule works like the Text File Reader but instead of traversing a single file it is possible to read multiple files one after the other. Each source file file is read the same way, that is either with fixed length string or using a delimiter such as the newline.

A Text File Sequence Reader becomes exhausted when the last line from the last file name is provided.

 TextFileSequence 3

The names of the source files are provided by its only source. Thus you can chose any way of providing source file names(random, sequence, statically build or dynamically build...).The files are searched first in the private workspace output area, then in the private workspace data area. Then if still not found they are searched in the shared workspaces data areas. If there's no file available from the name provided by the source, the generation will abort.

In the example below, the source of file names provides a sequence of two files and then ends (see the "Sequence w/o loopback" option).

Text File Sequence Reader


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